Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bulls and bears in law teaching

Dan Burk, an astute spotter of trends in legal scholarship, reminds me that Sara K. Stadler's frolic through legal pedagogy, The Bulls and Bears of Law Teaching, deserves a closer look. And so it does:
This Essay provides readers with a unique perspective on the world of law teaching: Employing a quirky methodology, Professor Stadler predicts which subjects are likely to be most (and least) in demand among faculties looking to hire new professors in future - rating those subjects, like so many stocks, from "strong buy" to "weak buy" to "weak sell" to "strong sell". To generate the data on which her methodology is based, Professor Stadler catalogued, by subject, almost every Article, Book Review, Booknote, Comment, Essay, Note, Recent Case, Recent Publication, and Recent Statute published in the Harvard Law Review between and including the years 1946 and 2003. In the end, she found an interesting (and, she thinks, predictive) relationship between the subjects on which faculty choose to write and the subjects on which students choose to write.
Invest well, MoneyLaw readers. Just remember that past performance is no guarantee of future performance.


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