Saturday, August 19, 2006

Poll results: The "bar course" obsession

The time has come to announce the results from the inaugural MoneyLaw poll.

As the graphic to the left makes clear, the poll asked about the extent to which students at readers' law schools took the bar exam into account when selecting courses. The results of this decidedly unscientific assay are displayed toward the bottom right corner of this post.

A total of 19 MoneyLaw readers responded to this poll. Nearly half -- nine -- responded that students at their law school give "substantial" weight to the subject-matter coverage of the bar exam when selecting courses. Another six answered "moderate" in response to this question. The apparent consensus is that law students give fairly substantial weight to the bar exam in selecting courses. To be sure, three respondents said that their students give "little to no[]" weight to the bar in course selection. My original conjecture was that students are likelier to give greater weight to the bar at less prestigious schools. If that conjecture has any basis in reality, then MoneyLaw appears to have a sliver of readers from elite law schools.

MoneyLaw thanks you for your participation and looks forward to conducting future polls. With any luck, those polls' entertainment value will be inversely proportional to their scientific merit.


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