Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Class Participation

Miranda Perry (Colorado) started an interesting discussion on it over at PrawfsBlawg, and I have a riff on the subject at Legal Profession Blog. One of the questions is whether we really want to invoke the ugly guy on the left, as smart as he was, to teach things like Secured Transactions or Securities Regulation, subjects generally considered not to have been of significant import to the ancient Athenians. Or do we proceed in the spirit the famous painting on the right? No doubt, by the way, that the sculpture on the left was modeled just after the great questioner encountered an unprepared student in the academe.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeff, You aren't suggesting that we who teach Sadistic Transactions are "ugly," are you?!?!?!

3/14/2007 3:27 PM  
Blogger Jeff Lipshaw said...

Even Socrates would have had a time straightening out National Peregrine.

3/15/2007 3:50 PM  

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