Thursday, May 31, 2007

Law School Rankings: Past, Present, and Future

I am presenting Law School Rankings: Past, Present, and Future at the LSAC Annual Meeting and Education Conference today in Tucson, Arizona. I am speaking on a panel on The Future of Law School Rankings. Here is the description of the panel:

As consumers, prospective students want answers to questions about law school. Like it or not, an ever–growing number of applicants rely on rankings to answer those questions. This session will explore whether law school rankings in general remain relevant and the impact rankings have. How can admission professionals use substantive information gleaned from rankings to inform and recruit students, and what else can law school administrators do to improve the situation? Are candidates aware of the drawbacks and limitations of the U.S. News & World Report rankings? Are there other methodologies, resources, or ranking systems available that offer candidates better comparative data? A law professor and the author of a book comparing law schools will offer their thoughts on the future of rankings.

My co-panelist is Richard Montauk, Stanford Law grad, former Latham & Watkins lawyer, founder of the Degree of Difference educational consulting firm, and author of How to Get Into the Top Law Schools (part of his series of books How to Get Into the Top MBA Programs and How to Get Into the Top Colleges).


Blogger sam kamin said...

Paul --

Can you give us an update on how the conference went? I know many of us are curious.


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