Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Second Life UC-Irvine

Second Life
Who says universities and their constituents can't play Second Life? In light of UC-Irvine's meltdown over Erwin Chemerinsky, here's how friends of that university might play the game:
We have come to the very difficult conclusion that Michael Drake is not the right fit for the chancellor's position at UC Irvine at this time. Chancellor Drake is a gifted administrator and his credentials are outstanding. We respect him greatly. Our decision is no reflection whatsoever on his qualifications, but we must have complete confidence that the university and its constituents can work effectively in building UCI's new law school. As in all decisions, we must do what we believe is in the best interests of our university.
So much for online fantasy games. I do know this much. As between the law school at Second Life UC-Irvine and the real UCI's Donald Bren School of Law, there isn't a decent candidate who would rather accept the deanship at UCI-MeatSpace over the deanship at UCI-Second Life.

This much is also true. Nothing that has happened at UC-Irvine can diminish the record and dignity of Erwin Chemerinsky, a scholar and advocate of undisputed integrity.


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