Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The law review article selection process

Ariana Levinson
Herewith a chance to highlight an SSRN download of interest to MoneyLaw's readership, coupled with shameless promotion of a colleague and my law school's faculty blog:

Ariana Levinson, visiting assistant professor at the University of Louisville School of Law, recently made these observations about the law review article selection process:
I had the opportunity recently to read Leah M. Christensen & Julie A. Oseid, Navigating the Law Review Article Selection Process: An Empirical Study of Those with All the Power -- Student Editors, 59 S.C. L. Rev. 465 (forthcoming 2008). I recommend it to students, practitioners, and scholars interested in publishing in law reviews. As a basic legal skills instructor, I was heartened to learn that student editors value interesting and well-written manuscripts. They care about "technical writing including: grammar, punctuation, spelling, citation form, proofreading, and easy-to-read formats."
Read the complete post at Ariana Levinson's personal blog or the University of Louisville law faculty blog.


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