Tuesday, November 13, 2007

More on Donald Bren and the California-Irvine law school

So reports the Los Angeles Times:
UC Irvine gave Orange County billionaire Donald Bren the right to be consulted in the selection of a dean for its new law school in return for his $20-million donation, according to documents released to The Times on Thursday.

Donald BrenThe eight-page gift agreement reveals the scope of what Bren received for his money, ranging from major matters such as selection of the dean to specific rules governing how prominently signs featuring his name were to be displayed on the campus.

Signs on law school buildings must read "Donald Bren School of Law" and be at least twice the size of the building name. Bren's must be the largest and most prominently displayed name on the building, according to the agreement.
Hat tip to PropertyProf Blog.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This train wreck that is the DONALD BREN SCHOOL of LAW (hope that's prominent enough) has the makings of the next great reality show...Bren, Drake and Chemerinsky are all characters, and there's clearly an audience with an insatiable appetite for this stuff. Or wait, I know, how about a Moneyball experiment -How fast can the DBSOL ascend the ranking ladder??? Bet it debuts ahead of Louisville, despite the relentless Louisville public relations efforts on this blog!

11/13/2007 11:03 PM  
Blogger Jim Chen said...

Hi A. Nonny Mouse @ 2007.11.13.23:03,

1. You have a sharp eye for spectacle. The Donald Bren School of Law has already been a great reality show and a great soap opera.

2. I'm sure the students at Bren/Irvine Law will simply want to get down to the business of learning the law -- once they enroll. We're all cheering them on.

3. One of the premises of this weblog is that the rankings are misleading and that law school administration needs to heed things besides numbers in a popularity poll. But it's nice to have your readership in all events.

4. Yes, I too expect Bren/Irvine to debut in the USN&WR rankings ahead of Louisville ... and about 150 other law schools. When you have the backing of the University of California system and a $20 million endowment in the bag before your first class, the real scandal would be debuting anywhere below tier 1.

5. Here's a thought experiment for you: Imagine what would happen if Princeton decided to open a law school. Could such a school -- which, I must emphasize, has no dean, no faculty, no staff, no students, and no alumni -- possibly start anywhere outside the top 5 in the USN&WR survey?

6. Back to reality: If you'd like to help me build a $20 million endowment at Louisville, give me a call, shoot me an e-mail message, or -- best of all -- mail me a big check. You can harvest my contact info off my home page.

7. Thanks for noticing my "relentless public relations efforts." Come by The Cardinal Lawyer for even more.

Fondly yours,

11/14/2007 12:44 AM  
Blogger Jeffrey Harrison said...

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11/14/2007 7:49 AM  
Blogger Jeffrey Harrison said...

Jim: Princeton does not need to start a law school. Just put the name Princeton College of Law on a list and it will shoot to the top. It happens when non exitent journals with fancy names are listed with other real journals.

More seriously, (well sorta) just rename your school the Princeton College of Law. All you need is someone to write a check for $1.98 who is named Princeton. If no one comes to mind, if you pay the name change fee, I'm your guy.

11/14/2007 7:53 AM  

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