Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What does a law professor look like?

Professor KingsfieldKevin Maillard
Herewith a splendid post by Kevin Maillard addressing that issue at BlackProf. Hint: click the picture to the right. Hat tip to Ann Bartow of Feminist Law Professors.


Blogger Jeffrey Harrison said...

Looks can be deceptive. The packaging many vary but is it possible that the law itself and those teaching it -- whether black, white, Asian, men, women, dreaded or bald -- are still represented by the picture on the left? I think so. (No political pun intended.)

11/13/2007 10:13 PM  
Blogger Marie T. Reilly said...

Things sure have changed since I started to practice law nearly 25 years ago. I joined the legal profession as a "lady lawyer" -- a freaky hybrid -- not quite lawyer and not quite woman. Lady lawyers wore shapeless dark suits, sensible shoes and little floppy bow ties. The unmistakable purpose of the lady lawyer uniform was to "blend in" at the firm and win the acceptance of clients who expected their cases to be handled by men (white).

Twenty five years later, I may not look like a law professor in the grocery store, the gym, or the lobby of the conference hotel at the annual AALS meeting. The important thing is that I look like a law professor on the first day of Contracts. My job is to shape the perception of law students as to what a law professor looks like, but more importantly, what a lawyer looks like. God willing, the little floppy bow tie is gone for good.

11/14/2007 7:58 AM  
Blogger Kelly Joy said...

Whether in a floppy bow tie or not, a professor must have confidence. That is true when the "Red Lion," ablaze with her mane and unmistakable stage-presence, is around. We students certainly know who is in charge when Reilly is in the room! In my opinion, the best professors are those who command the respect and attention of the room - gender is irrelevant. However, as a future "lady lawyer" it is a blessing to have wonderful models around.

12/20/2007 7:21 PM  

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