Monday, December 31, 2007

Why Are Law Professors So Unhappy? -- Part Three

My post last Friday on Why Are Law Professors So Unhappy? -- Part Two has attracted a lot of commentary in the law prof blogosphere:

Much of the commentary argues that law professors have a great job and that most are happy with their jobs. I agree with both points -- my modest question is that, given how great this job is, why are some law professors so unhappy?

One possibility is that some may expect too much out of their jobs. Just as we can make idols out of our spouses, children, friends, fitness, houses, investment and retirement accounts, etc., pinning our happiness on our jobs is doomed to fail. My men's group recently read this great book on the proper place of work in our lives.

Another possibility is that this commenter is right:

Law professors blogging about their misery. Even your mother thinks you are a whiny little baby. Face it. Nobody cares. Suck it up. Life is tough. Wear a cup, and STFU.


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Blogger Jeffrey Harrison said...

I did not realize that many were unhappy. At my school they all seem to glide along without a care. Except for me, that is. But now I am not sure about myself. Knowing that others are unhappy somehow makes me feel happier.

12/31/2007 9:50 PM  

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