Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Beware the dreaded Gopher Jacket!

Julie JackoInvestigation
François Sainfort

François Sainfort is the head of the University of Minnesota's Division of Health Policy and Management. Julie Jacko, his wife, serves as director of Minnesota's Institute for Health Informatics and holds double appointments in that university's schools of nursing and public health. Though they pull down annual salaries in the neighborhood of $500,000, Sainfort and Jacko are accused of continuing to pull only slightly lower pay from their former employer, the Georgia Institute of Technology. In other words, they allegedly took jobs at Minnesota without actually leaving Georgia Tech. According to Georgia Tech, Sainfort and Jacko have also billed travel expenses — quite improperly, in Tech's view — to Tech and even placed Dr. Jacko's brother on the Tech payroll.

Bill Gleason has provided extensive coverage, including links to newspapers in Minnesota and Georgia, of this power couple and the financial mess that now entangles two research universities. He says more about Sainfort, Jacko, and this heavily recruited and highly paid couple's contribution to the University of Minnesota's declared plan to become one of the three top public research universities in the galaxy — by 2010, no less. See The Periodic Table (stories 1, 2, and 3) and The Periodic Table, Too (stories 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would be dubious of any Georgia Tech accusation. Currently, they are also accusing a professor who happens to be a family friend. I have known him and his family since childhood and there is not a single ounce of bad/lack of ethics in this guy. Somebody at Tech must feel very threatened by the very people who make (or should we now say made) it the well-respected, successful institution it used to be. Many of us look forward to seeing the truth come out. What a setback for this once great university. Tech alumni speak up and shut down this witch hunt.


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