Monday, July 14, 2008

Demystifying the SSRN process

I'm pleased to promote a blog post and a PowerPoint presentation by my colleague, Susan Hanley Duncan:
Susan DuncanSSRN is one of the key places scholars post academic papers. My presentation will introduce participants to SSRN, explain the benefits of SSRN, and provide step-by-step instructions for using SSRN. This presentation seeks to demystify the SSRN process and help participants become comfortable with the submission process including how to write effective abstracts.
Demystifying the SSRN Process is being presented this week at the biennial conference of the Legal Writing Institute.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks like a good presentation. One point I'd add is that it seems that you can't upload a paper while using firefox. (At least I've tried several times on different computers and got the same error message each time but when I switched to Internet Explorer it worked with no trouble. I was told by the SSRN help staff that this was a common problem.) I have no idea why this would be so and find it mildly annoying, but the process works much better using I.E. It might save some people some frustration to know that before hand.

7/14/2008 11:20 AM  

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