Friday, June 05, 2009

Follow J.C. Redbird on Twitter

»  Adapted from The Cardinal Lawyer  «
TwitterTwitter is a lightweight online platform that blends blogging and social networking. Its users "tweet" by answering a simple question: "What are you doing?" All answers are limited to 140 characters — the length of an SMS text message, minus 20 characters. Twitter has become a powerful weapon for marketing consumer goods, documenting brain surgery, and coordinating political protests. When even the New York Times, the grandest of conventional media sources, offers tips on Tweeting, you know that Twitter's time has come. And though predictions and prescriptions do differ, it does seem that Twitter — or something else capturing its blend of social networking, linking, and real-time searching — is here to stay.

My Twitter handle is J.C. Redbird. I would be honored if you would follow my tweets. To make sure that I follow your Twitter account in return, send me a private message inside Twitter, and I will take care to add you to my Twitter reading list.


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