Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Big Law in Los Angeles

Top 20 Suppliers of Partners to the
Ten Largest Law Firms in Los Angeles
Over the Most Recent 25 and 10 Year Periods

Most Recent 25 Years Most Recent 10 Years

Loyola-L.A. 51 9
UCLA 51 7
Harvard 48 8
USC 38 6
Boalt 31 5
Southwestern 26 6
Stanford 19 1
Hastings 18 2
Columbia 16 1
Georgetown 15 1
NYU 15 3
Yale 12 1
Chicago 10 1
San Diego 10 1
BU 8 0
Pepperdine 8 0
Santa Clara 8 0
Boston College 7 2
Michigan 7 0
Virginia 7 1


Number of partners in the 10 largest law firms in Los Angeles (Los Angeles County
offices only) admitted to the bar in 1984 or thereafter or 1999 or thereafter,
respectively. Year of admission to the bar is used as a proxy for year of
graduation. 10 largest law firms ranked by number of attorneys in L.A. County
offices per 2009 Los Angeles Business Journal Book of Lists. Search performed in
Martindale Hubbell on-line 11/27-30/2009. [I apologize for the ragged appearance
of the table. Tables are very difficult to create on this platform.]


Blogger Ani Onomous said...

This is interesting, and flattering to those schools at the top. But what precisely do you think it signifies? It seems to answer something like the following question: putting aside factors like relative size of student body, what schools would maximize the chance that you or one of your classmates would become partner at one of the very largest LA firms?

(Assuming, that is, you wanted to ignore employment prospects elsewhere in LA and, of course, in other parts of the country or sectors of the economy? And assuming you wanted to ignore data on what proportion of those *seeking* these particular jobs were successful? And assuming that you wanted to ignore that the number of these partners amounted to something on the order of 1% or less of students taking a degree at any one of these schools during the indicated period?)

12/04/2009 10:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

shameless gaming of statistics

1/08/2010 5:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This post is equivocation in its most heinousand shameful sense...

Anyone (with hopes of becoming a "big law partner") thinking of attending the schools at the top of the list (especially Loyola!?!) are in for a rude, debt ridden awaking. And that statement was true BEFORE the current economic crisis!

Shame on you Mr. Seto!

1/26/2010 4:28 PM  

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