Sunday, November 26, 2006

MoneyLaw awards a Mazeroski Medal of Merit to Cassandra King

Mazeroski rounds thirdThe Mazeroski, or "The Maz" for short, is MoneyLaw's medal of merit. Named for Pittsburgh Pirates second baseman Bill Mazeroski, the Maz honors "individuals whose contributions to the advance of legal academia are as considerable as they are quiet." The idea is simple. Law professors and educational administrators (from deans on up to university presidents) are fully capable of marketing themselves. Indeed, the most cynical among us might argue that these individuals excel at nothing as well as self-promotion. The Maz is for everyone else.

Widener University School of LawMoneyLaw is pleased to confer a Mazeroski Medal of Merit on Cassandra King, webmaster for the Widener University School of Law. Cass has been pivotal in setting up Blogs @ Widener, a portal page for faculty blogs from Widener's Delaware and Pennsylvania campuses. (It goes without saying that a law school spanning more than a single physical location stands to gain a great deal from having superlative electronic infrastructure.) Thanks to Cass, legal academia at large, at Widener and beyond, have easy access to Benjamin Barros's posts at PropertyProf , Richard Hermann's LawTech blog, and the burgeoning online presence that is Robert Justin Lipkin. Yes, Bobby Lipkin's contributions to Essentially Contested America and Ratio Juris (a MoneyLaw affiliate within the Jurisdynamics Network) were what brought Cass King's excellent work to my attention, but the fact remains that Cass has performed a fanatastic serviced on behalf of her law school. She deserves a Maz.

Please join MoneyLaw in congratulating Cassandra King, the latest recipient of the Mazeroski Medal of Merit.


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