Sunday, December 24, 2006

Watt's New? A Twist on the Light Bulb Joke

Light bulbOver at Legal Profession Blog, my co-editor Alan Childress provides his own twist on the oft-posted issue of faculty productivity, in the form of "how many law professors does it take" riddles. Personally, this is a subject I think is too hot to touch. Or I'm not bright enough. The New York Times crossword puzzle was punny on the subject of what I guess we now refer to as "solstice events" this morning (I won't give anything away to those of you who save it until later in the day), and you can see how filament the blanks has affected me. As a matter of total non-sequitur (well, at least, there is a word play connection), my son (he is grown, don't worry) and I went to see Borat last night, and if you have seen it, you will understand why I keep reading the word "bulb" somewhat dyslexically as "blub."


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