Monday, January 08, 2007

New Faculty Scholarly Productivity Ranking

Today's Chronicle of Higher Education has a series of articles on a new faculty rankings measure, The Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index (FSP Index):

A method for evaluating doctoral programs at Research Universities (both Carnegie Research Extensive and Research Intensive), based on a set of statistical algorithms developed by Lawrence Martin, PhD. The FSP Index measures the annual productivity of faculty on several factors including:

  • Publications (books and journal articles)
  • Citations of journal publications
  • Federal Research Funding
  • Awards and Honors

The FSP analysis creates, at the discipline level, a scale based on the cumulative scoring of a program's faculty using these measures compared against national standards. Each program can then be compared to the national mean z-score.

For more, see TaxProf Blog.


Blogger Mary L. Dudziak said...

Warning: The methodology for this ranking looks sloppy to me. For critiques, see the Chronicle of Higher Ed article, Jan. 12, and see this Legal History Blog post, questioning the methodology as applied to History Depts.

1/08/2007 1:53 PM  

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