Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Apropos of Sam Kamin's post on Ian Ayres's new book, here is the video in question:

For my part, I am happy to embrace the notion of empirically, statistically, quantitatively informed management. As I said but a few days ago on this forum:
The world is filled with problems that can be expressed in numbers. If the law harbors any hope of solving them, it cannot afford to discard so basic a tool as mathematics. As undergraduates approach the LSAT, as 1Ls matriculate, as professors end their collective estivation, I offer this wish for the coming academic year. Would it be that our profession no longer confessed -- no longer cherished -- its rampant innumeracy. Would it be that the law, reunited with the tools of quantitative analysis and reinvigorated with an appreciation of mathematical beauty, might cease to be the mathematical waste land of the social sciences.


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