Tuesday, July 08, 2008

More on Night School

Kudos to Nancy and more on the possible reaction of Law Schools to including part timers in the rankings over on Classbias. All of this makes me think that we should begin to praise USN&WR. Without intending to do so they have exposed the cravenness of many law school deans, faculties and alums who are the dogs to the USN&WR tail. When between the rock of doing the right thing and hard place of doing what is expedient they put the goal of improving legal education aside and then play the victim card -- I had no choice.

Having taught at an urban school with a night program. I know the people who may be affected. They have full time (paying) jobs and then the drive to go to school at night. Or they are stay at home moms or dads who cannot leave the house until their partners come home.

If work ethic were a USN&WR category, the ranking of the schools with these programs would soar. Instead, these highly motivated students could be sacrificed by deans, faculties, and alums for, as Jim and Nancy note, having a meaningless 11 on the scale. Or, if I may -- since they started it -- use a another Spinal Tap reference, the need to stuff another cucumber in their pants. (If you watch the clip that this link takes you to, isn't the security person's acting terrific?) My goodness, maybe they all could become Spinal Tap drummers. I understand the job is open.


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