Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Jeff Lipshaw joins MoneyLaw

Jeff LipshawMoneyLaw warmly welcomes Jeff Lipshaw to its circle of contributors. Along with S. Alan Childress and Michael S. Frisch, Jeff is a founder and editor of the Legal Profession Blog, a fascinating new blog on the legal profession and its myriad wonders. (Observant readers will notice that the sidebar now sports a dynamic preview window for the Legal Profession Blog. Blogrolling is de rigueur, but no one does it quite like Jurisdynamics Network webmaster Gil Grantmore.)

Much more can -- and will -- be said of Jeff, who has one of the strongest and most versatile private law packages that this entry-level hiring market (or any other) has seen, but for now I will be content to report an eyepopping pair of numbers:
Total downloads of all papers by Jeffrey M. Lipshaw:  1,121
Number of abstracts and/or full text documents for Jeffrey M. Lipshaw:  10
You can check Jeff's latest numbers for yourself.

Please join MoneyLaw in extending a warm welcome to Jeff Lipshaw.


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