Thursday, November 16, 2006

Magical me

Gilderoy LockhartYes, I admit it. MoneyLaw has dripped with self-righteous indignation of late. Indeed, MoneyLaw has positively oozed self-righteous indignation since its founding.

In the interest of providing our readers an antidote from a diet of posts that is as heavy as it is steady, I am pleased to refer the MoneyLaw faithful to the lighter side of law professor blogging. Herewith a small taste of the Self-Important Law Professor Blog:
I'm just back from the AALS hiring conference, known as the "meat market." My school likes to appoint me to the hiring committee each year as a reminder to candidates of what they can hope to accomplish in their careers. But each year it seems the pool of candidates becomes less and less impressive; either that, or my increasing accomplishments simply magnify their relative ineptitude. Out of 23 candidates we interviewed this year, 22 flamed out, and the one who did not has no chance of getting a job with my school because, at the end of the day, we only hire laterals from schools above or equal to us in the U.S. News Rankings. We come to the hiring conference to create an impression that we might care to hire an entry-level professor. At the end of the day, we never would. One good thing about the AALS hiring conference is the almost feudal obeisance paid to me by "colleagues" from lower-ranked law schools. The conference drips with hierarchy, and that provides the only real pleasure of attending.


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