Thursday, August 27, 2009

Best Value Law Schools

NJ Cover_Page_2 The National Jurist has released its ranking of the Best Value Law Schools in the September 2009 issue:

The National Jurist identified 65 law schools that carry a low price tag and are able to prepare their students incredibly well for today's competitive job market. In determining what makes a law school a "best value," we first looked at tuition, considering only public schools with an in-state tuition less than $25,000, and private schools with an annual tuition that comes in under $30,000. We then narrowed the playing field again by including only schools that had an employment rate of at least 85% and a school bar psasage rate that was higher than their state average. We then ranked schools, giving greatest weight to tuition, followed closely by employment statistics.

For a chart of the Top 25 Value Law Schools, and a chart of the Top 65 Value Law Schools with their corresponding U.S. News rank, see here.


Blogger Jeffrey Harrison said...

This may be even more poorly conceived than the regular rankings. We all know what employment rate is suspect but, as I understand it, there is no variable for salary. "Best value" would seem to imply return on investment. Without salary numbers the table seems pretty meaningless.

8/27/2009 11:14 AM  

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