Monday, October 22, 2012

Money Law Question?

I can provide a reason for why it is appropriate to ask this of moneylaw readers but let's just assume I have and get right to the question.

Many schools have increased their number of transfer students. We all know why. Typically when they enter their slates are clean as far a GPA and their final GPA and class rank will be based on the last two years.

At many schools there is a lower curve in the first year than in selected second year courses. For example, small sections and seminars may have a higher curve -- 3.6 as opposed to 3.2.  For all practical purposes this means the average curve in upper level coures is higher than the first year curve. The outcome is that transfer students are ranked and recieve  honors based on a higher curve than non transfer students who are saddled with their first semester grades that are on average lower than upper level grades.

The perception is that transfer students then have an advantage as far a class rank, honor, GAP, etc.

I am asking if  your school or any school you know of has reacted to this by normalizing grades or creating two rankings or eliminating the dual curve or at all? Thanks.


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