Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Directions in Law Faculty Signatures

Dear Phillip:

Please find enclosed a reprint of my latest article, "Special Pasta Recipes: Law, Culture, and Subordination: Is There A Way Out of Here." 34 Oklahoma State City Law School Just a Few Yards South of the McDonand's Law, Policy and Cooking Review, 345 (2013). I though you might be interested  in it because I cited an article that cited yours.

Best Wishes. Hope to see you at the annual meeting.


Chadworths Osbourn
Professor of Law and Associate Director of Foreign Program, Associate Director of Family Law Institute, Designated Decanal Ass Kisser, Soon to Be (STB) Associate Director of Muffins
Ben and Jerry's Law School
University of Western New Hampshire
Freemont, New Hampshire
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Led Pledge of Allegiance in Fifth Grade Ms. Stoney's Class
Time in Prison: 0
Fastest time in 100 meters: 12.5 seconds (wind assisted).
Pending Memberships: Antitrust Reading Group; Paula Deen Reading Groups
White House Appointments: Pending


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