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Teaching law, without a care in this world


Titian, Girolamo and Cardinal Marco Corner Investing Marco, Abbot of Carrara, with His Benefice (ca. 1520)

As the legal academy debates tenure, Fortune magazine takes notice:

When businesses run into trouble, managers move to reduce salaries and expenditures. If only it were that simple for the multimillion-dollar law school industry, which is up against the wall trying to balance plummeting budgets while maintaining employees' academic freedom.

Law school deans' cost-cutting efforts are colliding with decades of strong job protections — short of incompetence or financial emergency — that have been granted to full-time professors. The academic ranks let out a collective sigh when the American Bar Association decided to examine whether to jettison or curb the tenure system.

It didn't take long for some 600 tenured law professors to warn that unpopular views would be stifled if tenure were diminished and have urged that any changes to the system be scotched. Many professors fear being pushed aside for cheaper, less experienced replacements.

Law school deans, meanwhile, have been remarkably silent. . . .


Blogger 2_many_R_Complacent said...

Great read. I can provide much more info I have discovered. Many, if not all law schools, intentionally bring in students only to balance the bottom line....for a semester or year. A selective group of administration determines what students are not to pass to the next semester. They do this without knowledge about the student but choose on facts such as a student's age, and this false measurement called the LSAC score. If you do not think that number is manipulated then think again. These law schools are lying to potential students, they are all grabbing for the student to balance the budget. Gross intentional misrepresentation; defrauding not only students but the federal gov't as they provide most of the student loans. Thus, these schools are also defrauding the entire American public b/c these school loans is our tax money paid. The law schools are great white sharks. They have no concern about the students future, leaving them in debt and debilitating their self-esteem. These law schools tell the 1L instructors who to fail, lower the grades. These professors are part of the scheme, thus the issue of tenure is interesting. We need no more full time professors in law, we need adjunct professors to bring in the real world and to truly teach in the Socratic method. They do not, they do not want to be questioned and they can be very lazy as has been insinuated in the article. The ABA fuels all of this too. The new 'for profit' law schools like the Infilaw Group; Charlotte Law, Florida Coastal, Phoenix Law are not monitored by the ABA. There are no regulations as to what a 'teacher' must accomplish before earning the title of 'Professor.' My gut tells me that there are back door payoffs to become ABA accredited. This Infilaw conglomerate was purchased by Sterling Investment Partners a few years ago, and they in turn just purchased a marketing company for about $4M, this company focuses on marketing schools. The President of Infilaw claims to be the 'Founder' and is also the President of Charlotte Law. He claimed to be a successful atty. when in fact he was an attorney employed by various law schools over time and his responsibility was developing the law library at the schools. This put him in touch with the CEO of their Infilaw partnership, Rick Inatome. Read about him and how he claims to have multiple degrees, was the CEO of his fathers computer retail business when he graduated from Michigan State at age 22, really Rick? The Infilaw Conglomerate is another group seeking nothing but money on the students federal loans. They bring in more students, as do other law schools, than they can teach. Thus, the real goal from this now comes full circle - to reap the money and blow out the students left with debt and lack of self esteem. Why should anyone be concerned about these professors who assist in the criminal conduct by these law schools; the intentional misrepresentation, the selective picking of the students to 'down grade to fail', all to provide them with employment? They should all Rot in Hell and all should be responsible, with the law schools, to pay off all the student loans, student costs to attend law school, and loss of opportunity while being mentally bullied and financially burdened by the Law School Academia of dull bored professors and the Financial Balancing act of Administration process. It's time for the ABA to go away and it's time to close many, many law schools.

3/31/2014 9:56 PM  
Blogger 2_many_R_Complacent said...

There is much more to be told about what is truly going on with Law Schools 'TODAY' with their budget rolling.

Stealing students and claiming they have the high enrollment, but no one is keeping track of how many students are dropped and they are not dropped because they are not competent or qualified to be there. They are dropped because the school cannot accommodate all the students that they bring in only to balance the budget. It is worse today, but this game has been going on for years and years. Today, the internet has opened up global communication and from such the public has become aware, although bit by bit, of the fraudulent acts by law schools. The Joker will tumble. The Mason's will tumble. The Mason's have been running our legal system since they came from England, our forefathers from Washington to Franklin were all 'attorney's' and Mason's. This all must tumble away because their financial greed is ruining this country and every individual and family they affect.

3/31/2014 10:03 PM  

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