Monday, December 25, 2006

MPRE Training

As my people historically do not observe today as a religious holiday (except for the post-shtetl developed ritual pilgrimage to a Chinese restaurant on the preceding evening), I have been busy with a truly misguided exercise of creativity - namely, the next episode of "Reality TV and the MPRE" over at Legal Profession Blog.

Loyal readers may recall this is my Internet-age experiment in providing a real-time semi-public look at one person's attempt to be admitted to the bar by motion and, as part of that process, the preparation for and taking of the Multi-State Professional Responsibility Exam. And all of that layered on top of getting legal advice to buy a house. . . .

I understand the powers that be at MoneyLaw do not necessarily endorse this as as "Moneylaw" pedagogy, but they are thinking about it because there are somewhat derisive references in the post to Harvard, Michigan, and Stanford.


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