Sunday, January 21, 2007

Governance discussion at my blogspot--and yet another interesting blog....

Tony D'Amato and I have been debating the role of university presidents here and here. (You should check out the comments after both posts, too.) If you'd like to join in, why don't we see if we can expand the discussion a bit, perhaps here at MoneyLaw. (This discussion sure is helping me with my outline for Managing By Ambush.)

And my dad pointed out some interesting stuff at, including this post on Does What "Elite Professors" Think Matter?

Bainbridge's blog also pointed me to some classic other posts, including Daniel Solove's A Guide to Grading Exams, and Law Dean Bobbleheads (I obviously left "the deaning biz" way too soon--I wonder if mine would have been the same size as David Logan's, or if mine would have been proportionally shorter; and don't get me started on what my accessories would have been for the bobblehead....).


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