Sunday, September 10, 2006

Jeffrey Harrison joins MoneyLaw

Jeffrey HarrisonMoneyLaw proudly welcomes Jeffrey L. Harrison of the University of Florida Levin College of Law as its newest contributor. Professor Harrison is a preeminent scholar of antitrust and law and economics. He is the author, inter alia, of Law and Economics: Cases, Materials, and Behavioral Perspectives, Understanding Antitrust and Its Economic Implications, and Law and Economics in a Nutshell.

Professor Harrison is also the creator and host of the weblog Class Bias in Higher Education, the subject of a recent MoneyLaw post by Tom Bell. Class Bias describes itself in these terms:
This blog is devoted to discussion of class bias in higher education. My specific interest is in legal education where most law professors are supplied by a small number of elite schools. I am interested in the manifestations of this bias and solutions. My experience is that the bias affects everything from hiring to acceptable forms of dress and discourse. The dominant characteristic of those in power is a "sense of entitlement."
We are delighted to welcome Jeffrey Harrison to MoneyLaw.


Blogger Ann Bartow said...

I look foward to reading more. Even among folks who make it to the elite law schools, class issues take their toll on the abaility to accumulate "teaching credentials." People who need to work part time can't effectively participate on journals, or other Moot Court and the like. And people who can't afford to fly around the country at their own expense for interviews, no less live for a year or two on a low govt salary once loan payments start coming due, are hard pressed to seek or accpt clerkship opportunities.

9/11/2006 4:47 PM  

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