Thursday, September 14, 2006

New York and California Schools' Bar Pass Rates and Rankings

On Monday, I wrote a little about the correlations between schools' bar pass rates and some other attributes, like their US News rankings. To add a little more to this discussion, here's a table that compares New York and California schools.

Correlations Between Average Percentages of Graduates of Specific Law Schools Who Pass the New York or California Bar Examination and Selected Attributes of Their Schools

New YorkCalifornia
peer assessment.91.84
Lawyer/Judge assessment.92.84
GPA, 25th percentile.88.87
GPA, 75th % percentile.89.88
GPA midpoint.89.88
LSAT, 25th % percentile.93.89
LSAT, 75th % percentile.91.90
LSAT, midpoint.92.90


All correlations are statistically significant at p < .0001.
The LSAT and GPA sure have a high correlation with bar exam; whether those measure something important to the practice of law is a separate issue, of course.

Alfred L. Brophy


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