Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Trials of Law School

Herewith the preview for The Trials of Law School: A Journey in Law, a Journey in Life:

Porter Heath MorganAccording to the Wall Street Journal's Law Blog, this 87-minute feature by Porter Heath Morgan (himself a 2004 graduate of the University of Oklahoma College of Law) "follows eight students at the [Oklahoma Law] as they struggle to learn the language of the law and the sometimes high-school feel of law school."

The movie also includes commentary by 25 legal scholars:
  • Taunya Banks (Maryland)
  • Randy Barnett (Georgetown)
  • David Becker (Washington St. Louis)
  • Angela Davis (American)
  • Charles Daye (UNC, Former LSDAS president)
  • Rich Freer (Emory, George Washington)
  • Elizabeth Garrett (USC)
  • John Goldberg (Vanderbilt)
  • John Kidwell (Wisconsin)
  • Paula Lustbader (Seattle)
  • Ruth McKinney (UNC)
  • Judith McMorrow (Boston College)
  • Rob Miller (Author, Law School Confidential)
  • Martha Peters (Iowa, Elon)
  • Eric Posner (Chicago)
  • Richard Primus (Columbia, Michigan)
  • Patrick Schiltz (U.S. Federal Judge, Former Dean, St. Thomas)
  • Chris Slobogin (Florida, Stanford)
  • David Sokolow (Texas)
  • Mark Tushnet (Harvard)
  • Elizabeth Warren (Harvard)
The best quote from the preview, in my opinion, is this:
What's sad about law school . . . is that we take these very bright, energetic high-achievers, people who've well all their lives, and we put them in this chamber, and we pour them out and we rank them.


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