Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Taken for a ride

AM Radio, Taken for a Ride

I can no longer ignore that, for a very large proportion of my students, law school has become something very much like a scam. . . . When people say 'law school is a scam,' what that really means, at the level of actual moral responsibility, is that law professors are scamming their students.
So laments the introductory post to Inside the Law School Scam, a confessional blog by an anonymous "tenured mid-career faculty member at a Tier One school." This fascinating contribution to the burgeoning online literature on the economics of legal education and law school graduates' job prospects is unique because it comes from the inside. In his critique of legal scholarship, this blogger, both tenured and anonymous, confesses that "students at the contemporary law school end up paying enormous amounts of money for something that they aren't getting, and in many cases wouldn't want even if it were being provided to them."

This is prose as potent as it is provocative. Inside the Law School Scam essentially argues that law schools and law professors are taking their students for a ride. I look forward to each installment of this anonymous blogger's saga.


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