Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The equalizer

Colt .45Does the word equalizer (semi)automatically conjure images of the Colt .45? Or does The Equalizer mean Edward Woodward playing Robert McCall, hero of the mean streets? Scott Greenfield makes a strong case that blogging is the real equalizer:
They say the Colt .45 was the Great Equalizer, but it doesn't hold a candle to the blawgosphere. We have lawyers and law professors, from the youngest to the oldest, the rookie to the very experienced, the person at the top of the food chain and the new-hire, all in the same space. . . .

Online, we all look the same. No one is black or white. No one is male or female. No one has a beautifully-made bespoke suit to dazzle all comers when contrasted with the pajama-clad home officer lawyer. Before the blawgosphere existed, there was little chance that a solo criminal defense lawyer would cross paths with the general counsel of Sun Micro. Other than having tables near each other at Bouley, we existed in different spheres. Today, we're cyberneighbors, and I can knock on his door anytime I please. He can ignore me, but at least I know where he lives. . . .

[T]his is a world where people spend far more effort getting along, learning from each other, engaging in communication, rather than trying to be a "show off" in a new venue. Who knows if the woman who just commented that she liked your post is the managing partner of some Biglaw firm, or general counsel of some major corporation. Online, we all look the same. The only thing that distinguished one from another is the content of our message.


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